The Importance of Stretching and Moving While Working From Home

The Importance of Stretching and Moving While Working From Home

Stretching, moving, and standing up regularly is necessary while you are working from home. Sitting in one place for too long without getting up and moving will only lead to pain and problems. Transformation Wellness Center in Grand Junction, CO, recommends regular exercise and chiropractic care to combat the symptoms of inactivity.

Preventing Back Pain

Sitting for too long can lead to serious back pain. Your lower back is especially at risk if you do not properly support it or maintain proper posture. If you notice stiffness and pain while you are working, it is time to get up and move so you can stop problems from setting in.

Improving Circulation

Poor circulation is a frequent result of not standing up, stretching, and moving enough. If you want to maintain the proper function of your tissues, muscles, and bodily systems, your blood and nutrients need to flow freely throughout your body. You can improve circulation by getting up and stretching out your body often.

Enhancing Productivity

Sitting in one place without stretching and moving enough can result in poor productivity. If you are stuck in the same position and starting to feel aches, distracting you from the tasks at hand, taking a break and moving around can clear your mind, limit your pain, and help you get back on track.

Reducing the Risk of Injury

It may seem far-fetched that you could become injured sitting at a desk all day. The truth is that sitting for hours with no breaks to stretch leads to a weakened body. This leads to injury and chronic pain. Reduce your risk for injury by getting up often and keeping your body flexible. A lack of standing up, stretching, and moving can result in tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, and more.

Visit Your Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Grand Junction

Our chiropractic care can help you improve body function and reduce pain if you often go too long without standing up, stretching, and moving. For more information or to schedule a visit with Dr. Jordheim, contact Transformation Wellness Center at (970) 812-5559.

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