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Improve Your Immune Health Through Functional Medicine

One of the best approached in healthcare is a functional medicine approach. This holistic health method has improved the lives of millions around the world and can help you improve and boost your immune system to aid in healing and prevent disease from happening. Your functional medicine expert at Transformation Wellness Center LLC in Grand Junction, CO is educated and trained to accessing your immune function and improving your immune system through natural and holistic care.

Your Immune Health & Stress

One of the biggest causes of poor immune health is stress. We experience stress on a daily basis. Whether you are the CEO of a company or someone who is working at an entry-level position at a company, stress affects us all. Stress releases adrenaline and disrupt your natural immune response and balance. Unknown gut microbial imbalances, infections, and overgrowths are a tremendous stressor to your immune function. Over 70% of your immune system is in your gut.

Has Your Immune System Been Hijacked?

Our word is full of toxins and chemical messengers that can hijack your immune system and trick it into attaching itself. These toxins can also suppress your immune system. We take too many antibiotics and don’t support the natural, healthy immune responses that would allow our body’s to rid themself full of the things that plague us. Functional medicine is focused on finding these immune hijackers, removing them and strengthening your own innate immune function. Your immune system has been tricked and is fighting a losing battle; let us help.

Seek the Help You Need

If you feel as if your immune system needs improvement, let us at Transformation Wellness Center LLC in Grand Junction, CO help you today. Give us a call at (970) 812-5559 to schedule your professional consultation today.

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